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Control Panel

We are processing a large variety of superior quality control panels. These are designed with a flat surface that contains a variety of electrical devices and components used to automate and control industrial operations and machinery. Usually, the parts are arranged in a grid pattern with separate compartments for each part. In addition to this, our offerings are employed to safely and effectively distribute electrical power. When there is an electrical problem, the said devices play an important role in stopping fire or explosion. Control panels are constructed from flame-resistant materials and have specialised fire-protection tools. These are used to run and keep an eye on production processes and machinery.

PMCC Control Panel

In industrial and commercial applications, PMCC control panel is used to connect individual motors for manual, remote, or automatic starting, stopping, selection of forward and reverse rotation etc. It can also perform tasks like selection and regulation of speed, regulation and limitation of torque, protection against overload, and single phasing. In addition to this, our offering is employed to monitor and manage the power system's voltage and reactive power. PMCC control panel increases centralised control while worker and manufacturing process equipment safety is maximised. Some of its standout advantages are trouble-free operation, durable construction, low maintenance requirements, and a long service life.

Flameproof Star Delta Panel

Flameproof star delta panel can easily manage an item of equipment and check on its performance.  Switches, knobs, sliders, and buttons are among the instruments that are commonly seen in this type of control box. Its primary function is to safeguard, consolidate, and organise the numerous parts required to operate electrical and automated machinery. In addition to this, flameproof star delta panel offers a wide range of other advantages that can improve the efficiency of machinery and processes. It provides high efficiency, leakage resistance. Our offering also minimizes the effects of regular temperature changes.

Marshaling Cabinet And Panel

In many different businesses, electrical signals, data, and power are routed through a marshalling cabinet and panel. It is largely used in the oil and gas sector, as well as other sectors where it is necessary to manage a large number of wires and other electrical components. In addition to this, the said system is comprised of several DIN-rail mounted terminal blocks that are used to connect individual cables. Marshalling cabinet and panel comes in a range of sizes to meet the requirements of various applications, and it can be installed on the floor or the wall.

Control Panel Desk For Jetty Operator

Control panel desk for jetty operator is a special kind of workstation created just for jetty operators. This kind of desk often has a sizable work surface area in addition to numerous drawers and storage spaces. Additionally, our offering has unique elements like keyboard trays and monitor stands. The operator handles every aspect of running Jetty, including setting up the server, deploying software, and managing log files. Control panel desk for jetty operator has a powder coated surface finish. High grade metal has been used in the formation of this offering. It possesses longer functional life and high-performance efficiency.

Industrial PLC Panel

Get this premium quality industrial PLC panel which is designed for managing and observing industrial processes. It is essentially electronic devices that rely on computers to manage and monitor operations. Our offering is utilised in many different industries, including manufacturing, oil & gas, and mining. In addition to this, the said product is typically used to control and monitor processes that are too complicated or dangerous for individuals to manage. Industrial PLC panel is generally used in every technique and workshop to control the material ratio, the processing of flat glass, and other procedures involved in manufacturing.


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